What is IoT Manager?

What is IoT Manager?

This is a modular wireless automation system based on popular microcontrollers from espressif. Microcontrollers are capable of connecting to WiFi networks.

Where is IoT Manager used?

The system is used in home automation, as well as in industrial enterprises.

What tasks does IoT Manager solve?

Remote monitoring and management. Programming the logic of interaction between control devices, actuating and measuring devices. The automation system is designed for getting information about the progress of the managed process, its processing and use for forming control actions on the process

What knowledge can you acquire?

IoT Manager is also a programming environment and will allow you to master basic programming skills with subsequent obvious results, in the form of an automated system created.

IoT Manager Project Community

The project brings people together in a community of like-minded people, whose communication takes place in the following areas: in the telegram chat.

Geography and achievements of the IoT Manager project

The automation system is used in the CIS countries and around the world. The project is the winner of the IoT Awards 2021 competition

Usage Restrictions

IoT Manager is an open source project and is published on github.

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